Price for an E-Bike Tour in Sardinia

The first question you have surely asked yourself is “How Much is for a guided Ebike tour in Sardinia?”.

The answer is that there is no fixed price, but guided tours organized by Supramonte Bike have a price that varies according to the characteristics and the type of tour requested..

Ebike Tour in Sardinia

The parameters that affect the price of the E-Bike Tour in Sardinia are:

  • Number of days of the tour: of course, a 4-day tour has a higher cost than a 3-day e-bike tour;
  • Number of participants: the price drops as the number of participants increases.
  • Services required: the greater the number of services included, the higher the cost. It is natural to understand that an All-inclusive tour has a higher cost than a tour for which we only offer you a guide and an overnight stay..

How to get a precise quote?

It is very simple and free: send us a request for information by carefully specifying the fields of the number of days (or in any case the start and end date of the tour), number of E-bike riders in the group, type of route, and we will provide you with a personalized quote within a few hours.