MTB Itinerary in Sardinia: Monte Novo San Giovanni

Route Features

5 hours
20% asphalt 80% dirt
Supramonte, Orgosolo, Sardinia

This is an itinerary of approximately 40 kilometres, perfect for bikers who want to spend a day in the nature. It is not particularly difficult but at the same time this route requires some confidence with MTB biking. The route offers remarkable elements of archaeological and environmental interest. The goal is the summit of Monte Novo San Giovanni, a unique observing point of the whole Supramonte and Gennargentu.


We leave Orgosolo (620 m.a.s.l.) behind and we start the climb, pedalling through the forest of holm-oaks "Su Littu" until we reach the intersection of Montes (6,5 km, 1020m.a.s.l.). On the right side of the road it is possible to admire a splendid specimen of hundred-year-old oak.

A view of the mountains and forests of the territory of Orgosolo
A view of the mountains and forests of the territory of Orgosolo

Turning left into the forest, and after going past the artificial lake of Istecheò, we reach the area of Ventosu. It is recommendable to make a brief stop here, in order to visit the homonymous Giant's Tombs (funerary monuments dating back to the nuragic age).

A brief stop to enjoy the landscape view
A brief stop to enjoy the landscape view

After making a U-turn, we go back the same road for a few hundred metres, and turn left close to a second hillside lake. Then we start to climb up to an altitude of 1100 m.a.s.l.. Here we will be faced with a fantastic landscape: from now on the route continues through the intensely scented bushes of Thyme (Tymus erba barona) and Helichrysum (Helicrisum italicum) accompanied by numerous cowherds, herds of wild horses and pigs that are freely bred in the countryside.

One spring of fresh water found along the way
One spring of fresh water found along the way

After biking for 20 kilometres, we will reach the barracks of Forest Funtana Bona and proceed climbing towards the peak of Monte Novo San Giovanni (1316 m.a.s.l.). In here, we will find the spring of Funtana Bona characterized by its fresh and abundant water in every season of the year.

The Forest of Montes and the peak of Monte Novo San Giovanni
The Forest of Montes and the peak of Monte Novo San Giovanni

Once we get at the foot of the imposing limestone heel of Monte Novo San Giovanni, it is advisable to leave the bike and climb to the top where you will have the unique opportunity of a 360-degree vision of the whole Supramonte, Gennargentu and central eastern Sardinia.
At this point, you can decide whether to go back to the village of Orgosolo by paved road or using the alternative dirt path.

Getting back to Orgosolo on a dirt road
Getting back to Orgosolo on a dirt road

You can experience this itinerary by renting our E-bikes. You can also choose to rent a GPS Garmin Navigator with pre-loaded map-data or you can choose to be accompanied by an expert local guide.

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