With our E-bikes you can admire explore discover visit the treasures of Supramonte.


About Supramonte Bike

We are young, sport-enthusiast people, in love with Supramonte and everything that surrounds it!

One day, while chatting together, we had the idea of promoting our territory in an innovative, fun way: hopping on a bike. But do not be afraid, this has nothing to do with bike-racing. With our E-bikes, everyone, absolutely every single one can enjoy the pleasure of biking!

E-bikes are elegant, silent, practical, versatile, comfortable and eco-friendly. They will allow you to ride a distance easily and in a short time. Choose a different and economic way to visit our territory, we are sure you will enjoy it!

MTB Itineraries
Archeology and Culture
Outstanding Landscapes

Chi siamo, Supramonte Bike

Technology for our itineraries

Thanks to technology and in particular to Garmin GPS devices (available on request), we can give you the opportunity to explore the Supramonte of Orgosolo autonomously and in total safety. You will find pre-loaded map data of the itineraries that Supramonte bike have researched and designed for you. Prior to leaving, we will suggest an itinerary that is perfect for your needs and we will set the GPS navigator for you.

For the most discerning visitors and for those who do not want to miss any environmental and archaeological aspect, it is also possible to choose to be accompanied by an expert guide who will take you to visit the most hidden corners of the mountain.