Supramonte Bike E-Bike Rental terms and conditions

  1. To rent a pedal assist bike, the customer is required to submit beforehand a driver’s licence or another valid Identity Document, and a valid credit card. Reloadable prepaid cards cannot be accepted. The hiring company SUPRAMONTE BIKE will keep the document and credit card until the bike is returned. Alternatively, the customer can pay a deposit of 250€ in cash or by pre-authorized charge on credit card.
  2. Riding a bicycle requires a good physical condition and technical expertise of the rider. Therefore the customer who rents a bike declares, without any reservations, to possess adequate knowledge and appropriate skills. In case of under-age participants, the parent or guardian will give them permission to participate, accepting full responsibility on their behalf, in accordance with the regulations stated in this contract.
  3. The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and must be treated with care, common sense and diligence, in order to avoid any damage to the bike itself and other equipment and accessories. It is strictly forbidden to use the bike for commercial purposes and also to sell it to third parties.
  4. The customer is fully responsible for the electric bike until the vehicle is returned to the manager. The user is also fully responsible for any damage caused to himself, to the vehicle, to other parties and things during the use of the bike. The user cannot make any claim for compensation against the Hiring Company.
  5. During the rental, the customer is not covered by any form of personal insurance, nor is the bike covered by any liability insurance. The user is therefore required to comply with the rules of the Italian Highway Code. The hiring company rejects any liability for improper use of the bike or for the user's failure to comply with the regulations of the Italian Highway Code.
  6. During rental, the renting company may carry out checks with respect to the use of the bike, and has the power to ask for an early return in case of improper use of the vehicle. The renting company can also refuse to rent to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs (in accordance with articles. 186/187 of the Italian Highway Code) or for any other reason justified by the unquestionable judgment of the manager himself.
  7. In the event of loss of keys or any accessories of the vehicle or damages, the renting company will require the customer to pay the necessary amount to restore the vehicle to its original condition, according to the price list included in this agreement or, in the absence of the price list, according to the estimate of the supplier. In case of theft or total loss, the customer must compensate the company with the agreed amount of € 2,500.00 for each bicycle.
  8. The bike must be returned within the timeslots indicated in this contract, to the same place where it was rented. The vehicle will be considered returned only when is returned to the manager himself and the return form of the contract is countersigned. Parking the e-bike outside of the rental point during closing time cannot be considered as a proper return. Failure to return the bike without prior notice or without proven exceptional circumstances, will be considered as an act of theft and therefore the user will be reported to the police authorities.
  9. The user can contact the renting company and request the withdrawal of the bicycle. The intervention cost is indicated in the contract. The manager is not obliged to intervene and therefore, the lack of intervention cannot be considered as breach of contract. Withdrawal of the vehicle is in the hiring company's interest and only momentary contingencies could prevent an immediate intervention.
  10. The user will have to pay the corresponding rental costs from the moment the rental begins until the moment the vehicle is returned and the rental contract is countersigned. In addition, the user will also have to pay additional charges for any damages, total or partial theft.
  11. In the event of theft of the vehicle, the user must file a report to the authorities and provide the manager with a copy of the theft report. The user will be asked to pay the agreed amount (see article 7) as a compensation for the stolen vehicle. In case the bike is found or fully recovered, this sum will be returned to the costumer.

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